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Gnome Theory

People collect many different things for personal pleasure, amongst those collectors are people who collect garden gnomes. Where they differ from a normal collector is that they have their collection out in their front garden for all to see. Which to someone who likes garden gnomes is probably awesome and inspirational. To everyone else however, it's a little bit sad. So with that in mind, let me present to you my virtual gnomes.

Who is Juan?

I am a big fan of cars that are small, light and nimble. Three things that I am not. Couple that with being geekily inclined and you know what to expect. It's not going to get any better if you explore further.

This Dogs Breakfast of a Site

This site originally came into being eons ago. I didn't particularly know what I was doing when it came to web design and nothing has changed since then. Yes it's fixed width, mobile devices didn't exist either. It also doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer and look what happened to that. Hopefully the same will happen with 'smart' phones if I ignore it long enough. That said, I don't see any reason it shouldn't still work on an Amiga, which is all that matters.


This place has no real purpose other than textual self gratification. It is a collection of musings on things I was interested in at the time I wrote them. There is no timeline or structure to any of it, which I suspect would prove challenging to the reader. But it's not really meant for you... it's just an outlet for my own occasional random need to write stuff.