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Gnome Theory

It is my theory that people with self serving websites are like people with garden gnomes.

Let me explain, people collect things for personal pleasure, nowt wrong with that of course. But people who collect garden gnomes have them out in their front gardens for all to see. "Look at my gnomes aren't they awesome!". Which they may be to someone who likes garden gnomes. Sadly, the number of people that do is very, very small and to everyone else your gnome collection is, well, quite sad. So with that in mind let me present to you my virtual gnomes.

Lots and lots of visits!

*blushes* I'm just amazed to see that there are so many Gnomists out there. Thank you for popping in. Even if it was because you searched for wet pussy and left somewhat dissapointed as a result.

Me, me, me

About me: I have an affinity for cars that are small, light and nimble. Basically all the things that I am not. I quite like pie, which might explain this. I also make guitar effects pedals This occupies a great deal of my time and explains why I'm still terrible when it comes to actually playing the guitar. Finally I am quite geekily inclined, which is a bit of an understatement.

Internet Explorer

This site does not format properly in IE. Never has, never will. My web skills are limited and IE doesn't run on a Mac. So even if I did know what I was doing, testing it would be impractical. Do yourself a favour and use a browser that isn't shite.