Rule 1
Only teabagged kills count

When you have vanquished your enemy, you are urged to complete the humiliation by repeatedly squatting over the victims face.

Surprise update: After all these years, we've now discovered the 'nade-bag. Cook a grenade and keep it cooked while bagging. This results in a rodeo stylie uber-bag. An added upside is that if you're killed while bagging, you leave the grenade behind.

Rule 2
It's considered bad form to kill a bagger...

Until he's completed 3 strokes, after which he once again becomes an active combatant.

Rule 3
Any more than 3 strokes is creepy

Overbagging is wrong.

Rule 4
Bagging someone elses corpse does not count except in team games

In these circumstances it is perfectly acceptable to 'tag team' the killing/bagging duties. Double teaming (where multiple members of the team bag the corpse) is to be encouraged in team games and earns extra buzzez points.

Rule 5
Bagging your own corpse is wrong

It just is.

Rule 6
Shooting and bagging at the same time = awesome

If you're on your 3 and spy some voyeur waiting for you to finish, if you can shoot and bag at the same time, this is considered awesome and is most certainly allowed. However this automatically returns you to active combatant status and you may be fired upon. Double buzzez points for pulling off a kill mid-bag.

Rule 7
Monkeying* in the general direction of your corpse is acceptable

*The act of spawning then instantly lobbing a load of grenades.

Rule 8
Never interrupt a slap/pistol fight

When two people are trying to slap each other to death or there's a pistol duel taking place (which inevitably leads to slapping) it's considered bad form to shoot them. Wait until one has dropped and the victor has had the regulation 3 strokes, then he's fair game.

Rule 9
Sniper rifles are for girls

Specifically Snipergirl. Unless you are also a girl, sniper rifles are strictly verboten.

Rule 10
Certain levels may have buzzez gun restrictions

When bolt action only is called, the 'sniper rifles are for girls' rule is still in effect.. If you choose a KAR98, that means WITHOUT a scope. Also bolt action means single shot. Semi and fully automatic weapons are not allowed. If pistol only is called this means that no use of the main weapon is allowed, even if you run out of ammo. Only pistols, slapping and grenades are usable.

Rule 11
The Russian thing with the insanely big clip

On the Russian level we use the the PPSh. Once you pull the trigger the clip must be emptied. This is regardless of whether your victim is already dead or indeed if you're actually hitting anything at all. You may shoot whilst bagging.

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