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The Jaaag

My dad decided it was time to buy a Jag, so has been out and bought himself a 5 year old 3.0D V6 XF. Being on the insurance it'd be rude of me if I didn't do a quick write up on it, mainly because it's bloody brilliant.

Often I have a bitch about the sheer blandness of modern cars thinking that everything was just too generic now to have any character. I have no such issues about the Jaaag. It is the supreme wafter in so much as it drives almost effortlessly whilst being magnificently comfortable and just an all-round special feeling place to be.

This is hard to quantify, but I've done a couple of big journeys now in it and have never ended up feeling tired or drained. I could have merrily kept going and enjoyed it. In a regular modern car you'd just want the trip to be over. In the Jaaag, you don't. I cannot give it higher praise than that.

To be more analytical about it; the power delivery is very smooth and there is plenty of it. Not too much that it's throwing you in the back of your seat, and not too little in that it doesn't go when you want it to. It's very quiet and economical too. You'd not believe this actually surprisingly large car has a diesel under the bonnet and will happily cruise along at 40mpg on a run. It's having your cake and eating it in that respect.

Driving it is very relaxing and easy, as this sort of car should be. The cabin is a lovely place to be, resplendent as it is with lots of leather and wood. Everything is mood lit, soft touch and adjusts electrically. It's what you expect of a prestige car bearing the Jaguar name.

On only driving it a handful of times I'm completely smitten. It's that breath of fresh air in a world of bland German barges with rock hard suspension. Indeed it's caused me a bit of a rethink in what I like from this kind of car. I think I'm a Jag man. :o

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