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Power to Weight Table

Now split into two. There's the original table which is quite a bit out of date and the simplified 'mateys' table that just contains real people's cars. Essentially because I simply CBA to keep on top of new car releases for the massive spreadsheet.


  • Compiled over the years, mainly of cars of friends of mine who are into the whole UK trackday scene (the ones with names against them). Be aware that they may deviate from stock and that some of them have been on proper scales, dyno's and rolling roads so the figures might not be what the manufacturer might have published.
  • The GP stuff, GT cars, DTM, rally cars, bikes, etc are all in there for a bit of fun. So no, I'm not friends with Schuey.
  • All other figures have originated from the internet (from manufacturers sites where I could) so should be taken with a very large pinch of salt.
  • Where possible I have tried to get the kerb weight of the cars given cars don't actually work without oil, fuel and in most cases water.
  • The list is sorted by bhp/ton including a 80kg driver as cars don't move on their own either.
  • Yes I know bhp doesn't actually make that much sense to the metric ton. But everybody talks about bhp/ton, not bhp/tonne or ps/ton. I suppose it's why we measure weight in kgs, fuel in litres (so it seems cheaper) yet still measure speed in mph and distance in miles/yards. We're nothing if not an eccentric, screwed up little country.
  • I added the US measurements as they have smaller tons (and gallons for that matter and lets not discuss the whole billion thing) so things seem so much BIGGER. I would have added higher average driver weights also, but then the average merkin wouldn't fit in most of the cars on the list so it's fairly irrelevant.
  • Pub talk: You cannot measure a cars worthiness on figures alone given that there are slow cars that are awesome and fast ones that are arse. The table says nothing about handling for example. What is good handling anyway? Who needs brakes? It's all so subjective. So basically this table should be used in pissing contests only and remember; you read it on the internet so it must be true.

    I've read the disclaimers and laughed at the fat bloke on the quad now take me to it damnit!

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