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What it's based on: Madbean's Moodring

Bean's reverb with a delay. It's does it's thang and does it rather well!


What it does: Flanger
What it's based on: ADA Flanger

A super compact ADA Flanger clone. Board from Lectrix-FX.


What it does: Vibrato
What it's based on: Ff(x) fundraiser Duovibe

Part of the Function f(x) fundraiser package, this is CJ's Duovibe. Full of throbby goodness.

Stage Fright

What it does: Phaser
What it's based on: Maestro Phaser

Madbean's most excellent Stage Fright phaser, Based on the Maestro.

Small Clone Clone

What it does: Chorus
What it's based on: EHX Small Clone

This is an EHX Small Clone clone, layout by Baja, etched by Haberdasher.

Same as mine, though I went a bit to town on the decal. Even though I usually don't like doing look-a-likes, I love how this one turned out.


What it's based on: Grind Customs Tenebrion Reverb

Another box of win from Rej. A medium brick was used in this one as no one ever has any short bricks in stock and its prefect for the effect. It gives a nice shimmery background ambience when the feedback and tone are turned up. Not the springy sound of a Rub-a-Dub, but ambient and trippy.

DeProfundis (Cthulhu)

What it's based on: Grind Customs DeProfundis

The time pot has been changed for a dual gang 50K, and the bottom wafer removed and changed for a 4.7KB wafer from another pot. This is connected to the tone trimmer pads. C14 swapped for an 82n. This darkens the repeats when the time is increased, and helps get rid of the typical hiss associated with a PT2399.


What it's based on: 1776 Multiplex Echo Machine

Dreamed up by Josh at 1776 Effects. It's a dual delay that emulates some old tape delays.

Cleggy has gone with a different decal for his. It's an old reel-to-reel tape box. Looks better in the flesh than the photo as it's quite reflective.

Twin Reverb

What it's based on: 1776 Rub-a-Dub Reverb

A pair of 1776 Effects reverbs. Looks spookily familiar...


What it does: Virbato & Tremolo
What it's based on: Madbean Quadrovibe

Cleggy got this board in a trade with GeekMacDaddy. It's a great sounding tremolo/vibrato.

The wiring is not as tidy as he'd like as it was built and tested outside of the box. If he'd known, the charge pump would have been mounted below the stomp to give a little more room for the jacks.


What it does: Flanger
What it's based on: MXR 117

Built on the Madbean Collosalus board. Ideal for EVH stylie flanging excess.

Magnus Modulus

What it does: Delay/Tremolo with Modulation
What it's based on: Magnus Modulus

From Cleggy: Easy board to make, hard to stick it all in an enclosure!

Very similar to an Alice when a UglyFace+LFO is in front of it, but not exactly the same, a nice change of flavour. I really like the modulation on the delay with the depth low, and speed quite fast, short delay, lots of feedback, almost like a rotary speaker.

Current Lover

What it does: Flanger
What it's based on: EHX Electric Mistress

Built on the Madbean Current Lover board. No DPDT and millennium board in this one as he cocked up drilling the jacks, and the board wouldn't fit on the switch.

Running at 15V from a charge pump under the board.


What it does: Delay
What it's based on: EHX Deluxe Memory Man

Madbean's Dirtbag Deluxe PCB. This really is a monster build and another super tight fit. In theory, when I do mine it should look similar.


What it does: Delay
What it's based on: WayHuge AquaPuss

Madbean's AquaBoy PCB. He requested an octopuss for the decal, I gave him an octopuss with nunchucks. Never say that I don't go the extra mile. Another super neat build by Cleggy. I may have some competition here!


What it does: Chorus
What it's based on: Boss CE-2

Mr C has the newer version of the Madbean board to mine that has board mounted pots. So no interference issues with his build at all. He also claims his worked first time... A likely story ;)


What it does: Vibrato
What it's based on: RunOffGroove TriVibe

ROG TriVibe. Great vibrato built on a board from John Lyons of Basic Audio.

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