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What it's based on: Ff(x) NoMojo Fuzz

Part of the Function f(x) fundraiser package, this is Pickdropper's NoMojo Fuzz. An SMT Fuzz Face and Tonebender (it's on both sides of the board).


What it's based on: EHX '78 IC Big Muff

Board from Poodle Pedal Parts here in the UK.

Fire Red Fuzz

What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Mad Prof Fire Red Fuzz

A Mad Prof Fire Red Fuzz clone.

ToneBender MkIII

What it's based on: Tonebender MkIII

More from the secret stash of old transistors. Made to the same spec as a DAM FS-75, using Mullard OC44, OC71, and a Japanese germ as there's no Mullards left with the right gain for Q3. Sounds great, louder than a straight mkIII clone.

ColesBD's enclosure is stunning in the flesh, no decal required.

ToneBender MkII

What it's based on: MkII Professional Tonebender

Made from a friend's secret stash of old transistors. A pair of OC75s, and an OC76. Recycled enclosure from another friend, originally I think it was a Guyatone delay, with a square stomp, but some car body filler fixed that. Also had to make a little bottom panel as the batttery compartment lid was missing.


What it's based on: Muffage

Cleggy's TSM680.


What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Skreddy P19

A Madbean Mudbunny built to Skreddy P19 specs. Supposed to emulate Gilmour's tones on The Wall. It's a really nice smooth sounding muff.

Fuzzy Puppy

What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

It's a PNP AC128 Fuzz Face with on board charge pump for -9V. A friend brought over a mojo-tastic replica Arbiter Fuzz Face board which didnt work. After lots and lots of prodding, poking and head-scratching we couldn't get it to work.

He took it apart and stuck the trannies in a DMM and they were ok, so Mr C built a board on vero stuck 'em in and it worked first time. It's a bit hissy, but then that's the PNP AC128s, and it still sounds great. Then he reversed the caps on the mojo board, put a pair of NPN GT404Bs and that works too. For the life of us we cannot understand why it wasn't working in the first place. Strange!

As it is, he's decided to go for the smaller of the two in a little box with his choice of image on the front.


What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Questionable Lady

We loved the QL. Then thought, I wonder what it'd be like with an extreme mid scoop, like the Fuzzy Kitten?

...and lo, built on a Madbean Mudbunny board and featuring some tone stack twiddlage once again courtesy of Duncan's Tone Stack Calculator, the stoneriffic UltraStoner was born.

Muchos Gracias to sgmezei for sending Mr C the board. You're a star. Cleggy also detailed the part substitutions over on the MB Forum here.

Questionable Lady

What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Skreddy ? Lady

This is our approximation of the Lady using obtainable parts. Cleggy's is different from mine in that it has an on-board Millenium Bypass. The space was there, seemed a shame to waste it.


Cinco de Mayo

What it does: Fuzz
What it's based on: Skreddy Mayo

A very familiar looking Skreddy Mayo clone.

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