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Overdrive / Distortion / Boost

Metal Trinity

What it's based on: Boss HM-2 / Ampmaker TightMetal / Marshall Shredmaster

Grind's triumvirate of metal distortions all in one box. Indeed, Mr C's first ever multi!


What it's based on: Boss HM-2

THE black metal pedal (dime Hi, Low and Gain and you're in a black metal nightmare). PCB is The Swedish Chainsaw from Tinnitus Industries.


What it's based on: InDefianceAudio Hydra

An IDA board for the testing and it's another cracker. This is a modded ZenDrive and GOAT in one. It's a belter. So much so I'll be making one of these for me.


What it's based on: Runoffgroove Britannia & Brian May Treble Boost

A 1776 Britannia, with a Greg Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe on the front end. The switch has been added to change the coupling cap after the first stage from 2.2nf to 220nf, simulating the normal input of the AC30, works really well, both with the booster active and without. The booster is the type Brian uses these days, much quieter than a germ range master. No pot, fixed 35db of gain!!


What it's based on: Maxxon OD820

An OD820 clone made on Aion's most excellent PCB.


What it's based on: In Defiance Audio Behemoth Bass Driver

Sent over by Rej for us to try. This is Lemmy in a box! I really think he's got a winner on his hands with this one.


What it's based on: Wampler Tweed '57

Built on a VIPFx Tweedybird PCB. A distortion that aims to emulate the sound of a 1957 Fender Tweed.

A lesson to Mr. Clegg here in that if you don't choose what you want on a decal, you get what you're given ;)

Speedy Marie

What it's based on: A Discrete Cake Recipe

This was something Jason (Jubal81) of the Madbean forum came up with. It's a Crowther Hotcake using Joe Davisson's discrete diode compression opamp. It's really rather bloody brilliant.

You can see the charge pump lurking under the board on his which I added later to mine.

Dirty Deeds

What it's based on: Catlinbread Dirty Little Secret

We've been meaning to make one of these for ages. Poodle Pedal Parts having a PCB just made it easy.

Mesa JCM800

What it's based on: JCM800 Pre-amp

Phil K's Mesa V-Twin was another of the pedals destroyed by hurricane Sandy. He brought it over and asked what we could salvage. Which wasn't a lot sadly. The case though, being stainless steel faired better and looks great with a lick of paint, even if some of the text had worn off. Likewise miraculously the valves were ok also.

This is what Cleggy came up with. The guts are now a JCM800 preamp circuit, with the second stomp acting as the lo and high input on the real amp. The slider switch on the top switches a parallel 10k resistor on one of the existing 10k cathode resistors to give a little volume boost.

It has an SMPS producing 190V from 9V so it isn't a project to be taken lightly. But it's got enough oomph to run the 12AX7s no problem resulting in probably the best sounding valve effect we've ever built. It's a blinder.


What it's based on: Wampler Triple Wreck

Built on a VIPFx PCB. The original Triplewreck "boost" is a terrible thing, why does a metal pedal have a single transistor fixed gain stage with a muff tone stack after it? So in order to make the boost actually work as a boost, the whole thing was pulled out and suplemented with a SHO.

Finally got a Road Rage running at 15V (the RC4580s I used have a recommended max of 16V) as it was found to be even tighter with more voltage. It's pretty much perfect.


What it's based on: Wampler Black '65

Built on a VIPFX Blackbird PCB. A distortion that aims to emulate the sound of a 1965 Fender Blackface.

Apis Klone

What it does: Overdrive
What it's based on: Klon Centaur

JimmyBJJ's utterly insane miracle of miniturisation that is his Apis PCB.

Cleggy has added shielded cable on the ins/outs of this. Yep it's fractionally quiter. The effort required however to add them involved quite a lot of time and swearing (witnessed by me). Which would be why mine doesn't have shielded cable ;-) Otherwise it was a good test of my instructions. Though he failed miserably at the board mounted pots ;-P

Prince Albert

What it's based on: Catalinbread RAH

Steve (Raulduke) did a tiny run of the RAH clone PCBs that he made and we managed to snag a couple. Strictly for DIY use only.

Same as mine


What it's based on: Madbean Kingslayer

Cleggy's Kingslayer. Same deal as mine.

F**k U

What it does: Distortion / Overdrive
What it's based on: Modified Electra Distortion

Bean's LaVache. Wired with the boost permanently on and with MB's mods for the gain control. It's much more useful this way.

One of the clipping diodes is a really low vf germ for more variety on the clipping switch.


What it does: Overdrive
What it's based on: Colorsound Overdriver

Built on a 'bean board of the same name, this is a Colorsound Overdriver clone. Crank the bass & gain, pull the treble back and it's a thick fuzz. Everything in the centre and it's a nice over drive. That and a distortion inbetween.

Recycled enclosure from a friend, everything in the wrong place for how he likes it.

Bad Kitty

What it does: Overdrive
What it's based on: Bad Cat Overdrive

I think this is a Bad Cat clone, can't remember. Pretty sure Haberdasher did the board for it though and it's based on an old Madbean PCB.


What it does: Overdrive
What it's based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy

Cripple fight!


What it does: Distortion
What it's based on: Catalinbread Formula No5

Cleggy starts his foray into stomps with a Formula #5 clone.

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