Cleggy's Corner


What it does: Filtery stuff
What it's based on: The filter from a Wasp synth

Cleggy built this ages ago for Marc, I just forgot to add it to the site. No idea what it does.

Attack Decay

What it does: Envelope Filter thing
What it's based on: EHX Attack Decay

Mad reverse tape type effect thing. Cleggy did the board (I wanted nothing to do with this!), I just did the box and dropped it in there. It's actually really rather cool.

Madbean Rustbucket PCB. Not for the feint of heart!

Didn't expect to make another ones of these, but someone asked nicely :)


What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: Mutron Micro V

Madbean's Kraken, a Mutron V envelope filter.


What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: Mutron III

The Nautilus is Madbean's modernised version of the famous Mutron III filter. It it kicks ass most funkily.

Engineer's Thumb

What it's based on: Merlin Blencoe's Engineer's Thumb

Merlin's (Valve Wizard) better compressor, and it is. Less noise, more headroom. It's rather good. Bloody good layout too with board mounted pots. Nice.


What it does: Effects Loop Blender/Mixer
What it's based on: Paramix

PCB from GuitarPCB. He's had this board for a couple of years, built. It came as a freebie and he never got round to sticking it in an enclosure until now.

Massively oversized knobs are from an old 1980s Rotel hifi that was stripped down for parts. One is a 50K dual concentric pot, which is perfect for the dry/wet mix pots. The other pot is a dual gang with an extra pin and track which goes to the centre of the main track. Only using one gang, but the shaft length matches the dual concentric.


What it does: Noise Gate
What it's based on: ISP Decimator

Built on Slade's tiny PCB, etched by Haberdasher. Using TL07x opamps, doesn't sound any different to the correct ones as they are not doing anything fancy. No onboard switching on this PCB, true bypass only.

Recycled box, hence the upside down mounting due to position of DC socket. Lucky, didn't realise until box had been finished.


What it does: Vocal Wah Thing
What it's based on: Coloursound Dipthonizer

Built on Madbean's Honey Dripper board which Cleggy helped fault find. This is the original board incorporating all the fixes. The new rev 1 boards from Bean don't have these issues.

Dipthang 2 is on the new revised version of the board. I'm leaving Mr C to these, he seems to enjoy building them ;)

As for what it is, it's the same as mine, it's a vocal wah thing!


What it does: Compressor
What it's based on: Modified Ross Compressor

Ross Compressor with Barry's mods/substitutions for the MoRC. Build on a DasMusikding PCB.

It's a recycled enclosure, hence the board on the back and the odd spacing of things for battery provision and wotnot.

Snow White

What it does: Auto Wah
What it's based on: Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah

Cleggy's SWAW board.

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