DIY Stompbox Gallery

Rock Squeezer

What it's based on: Rothwell LoveSqueeze

An unusual build for us. We were given a Rockson compressor. Being Ross based it was a noisy bugger so wouldn't do. It's been gutted and rebuilt with a TH Custom relay switch and Grind Rotten Komp PCB. Because we can.

Zirconia / Zombie Comp

What it's based on: LectricFX Zirconia

A LectricFX Zirconia compressor. Bloody marvellous. All we've done here is crank it up to 18V for more headroom with a charge pump.

Zombie Comp has a zombie on it, therefore is for Matt.

...and another for Horsehead.


What it's based on: DOD 280

Built on Jason's (Jubal81) 280KG Gorilla board, this optical comp is a belter. Put it this way, the reason most of my comps went in the purge was because this came along.

Simple Compressor / Korset

What it's based on: Rothwell LoveSqueeze

Built on Grind Custom's Rotten Komp PCB, it's another Lovesqueeze clone.

PhilG (who lives literally up the road from Cleggy) wanted a plain and simple design, so that's what we have.

Korset is Martin's.

The bigger black hole is Sune's.

Supermini Blackhole

What it's based on: John Hollis Flatline

Bean's Afterlife compressor. Seriously impressive performance considering the size of the thing.

Engineer's Thumb

What it's based on: Merlin Blencoe's Engineer's Thumb

Merlin's (Valve Wizard) better compressor, and it is. Less noise, more headroom. It's rather good. Bloody good layout too with board mounted pots. Nice.

The picture is an Electric Wizard Promo. Couldn't find anything Holmesy that I liked so reverted to wizardry. So not particuarly relevant really given what Electric Wizard do.

Ultimate Compression

What it is: Modified Ross Compressor

Very familiar if you've looked in Cleggy's Corner. Yet another MoRC based on the Das Musikding Der Compressor board.

ACME Compressor

What it's based on: Rothwell LoveSqueeze

Three guessed caps on this one, but we were able to borrow a real one (sadly all surface mount) and have got it as near as damnit.

Agent Orange

What it's based on: Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer

Since the build, I've replaced the trimmer with a very high accuracy one (24 turns vs a single turn over the same range). They all should have this. Biasing this pedal properly is borderline impossible on the original trim pot. With the high accuracy pot it's actually quite easy and I recommend using one to anyone building a Orange Squeezer clone.

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