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What it's based on: Grind Customs Tenebrion Reverb

More Tenebrion action, this time for Mr Pitchfork.

The Call of Cthulhu

What it's based on: Grind Customs DeProfundis

More DeProfundis action, this time for Yannick, just over the water in the Netherlands. Full four knob version.


What it's based on: Madbean's Moodring

Bean's reverb with a delay. It's does it's thang and does it rather well!

Surfy Bear

What it's based on: Surfy Bear Reverb

This one's my fault. Cleggy heard the reverb in the Twang King and then only a spring would do!

It took a bit of effort however. The box is a spares or repair accoustic amp that he snagged from eBay, it's got a short three spring tank from TAD and it's running one of my old PSUs. It all couldn't have been a more perfect, or tight, fit. It's like it was all made to be in there.

We're really rather pleased how this one turned out!

Vari-Tank Reverb

What it's based on: 1776 Rub-a-Dub Reverb Deluxe

This is Josh at 1776 Effects' deluxe reverb. It uses the new variable brick from Accutronics/Belton. It's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I loved the simplicity of the original R-a-D and with the tone and fully variable depth I felt it had lost that simplicity/brilliance a little.

So mine's been modded. The tone has been fixed at the same level as the original and we've replaced the variable pot with a DP6T switch. That way you can choose easily the length of virtual tank you want (finding them on the pot was impossible). Small, Medium and Large correspond to the original bricks that were 2 sec, 2.5 and 2.8 respectively. We've got as close as is indistinguishable there.

Tiny is half a Small (around a second) and Huge is probably around 3.5secs or so. Mahoosive was as far as we believe you can push it without it starting to sound pants. It's proabably around the 4sec mark. Resistor values to replicate this are as follows (they're stacked on the switch):

  • 3k9 Tiny (used a 3k3)
  • 6k8 Short (stacked another 3k3)
  • 9k5 Medium (stacked a 3k)
  • 11k2 Long (stacked a 2k)
  • 15k Huge (stacked a 4k7)
  • 30k Mahoosive (stacked a 15k)

    Tone mod: Omit C9. R9 & tone pot (between pins 1 & 3) are 5k.

  • Le Grand Bleu

    What it's based on: Grind Customs DeProfundis + Modulation

    Built on a Rej's DeProfundis PCB for gwem of BKP. He wanted the filter pot separate rather than as a trimmer (standard) or as a blend (mine) and a set and forget modulation switch.

    So here it is, modulation is supplied by Rej's mod board and I've ended up angling all a little oddly inside to get the effect I liked (it's very bright/reflective in there). Modulation speed and depth are on internal trimmers.

    Zeroplex Deluxe Reverb

    What it's based on: 1776 Multiplex Echo Machine + Modulation & Rub-a-Dub Reverb

    Since the arrival of the Zeropoints, my Multiplex hasn't being getting the love it deserves. So I've decided to revist it and mod it to the max with the addition of modulation and reverb.

    Also we've changed the filtering to be like a Zeropoint's deep (blue) setting. It makes it less tapey, but I prefer it this way. As a result of these changes it's also much more happy with high output humbuckers than it was. For reference:

  • R5, R10 470k
  • R4,R6,R9,R11 10k
  • R2 jumper
  • C2, C8 100n
  • C22,C28,C13,C19 2n2
  • C29,C35 15n
  • C6 220pf
  • C7 omit
  • A pair of 1N914 across the feedback pot

  • Zero Point Module

    What it's based on: Madbean Zero Point Double Delay

    A stripped down Madbean ZPDD. Another build for Martin of MJW Amps.

    We only make a single change to all the DDs we make, and that's to use a B50K as the feedback pot. It's much easier to use with that.

    Sopping Wet Pussy

    What it's based on: Madbean Aquaboy Deluxe

    This is Madbean's Aquaboy Deluxe. Essentially a fettled double delay Aquapuss + modulation. It's a good 'un too, even with V3205 BBDs as it is here.

    Here it is with it's brother

    Zero Point Module / 6th Delay

    What it's based on: Madbean Zero Point Super Deluxe

    This is another peach of a delay from Madbean. This is the fully featured big brother of the three. Great sounding delay with just about every option imaginable.

    The first is Cleggy's. He populated the board, I did the rest. The second is mine. As I prefered the two active filter modes over the passive ones, that's all mine has. Otherwise it's the same.

    Built like mine is Lew's, once again sporting Arnie from a film about cloning. Quite appropriate. Sound clip from Lew.


    What it's based on: Grind Customs Tenebrion Reverb

    Another awesome reverb to add to the arsenal. Where the Rub-a-dub does a spookily good spring impression. This one goes much bigger and with almost an modulation type edge. Like the RaD, it's also utterly bloody brilliant.


    What it's based on: Madbean Zero Point Mini

    This is a peach of a delay from Madbean. Really excellent sounding. Looking forward to building it's bigger brothers now.

    Only had one issue with it. I was getting clock noise from the LFO through the jacks directly underneath. Some metal tape between insulation tape and grounded to the case soon reduced that. It hasn't got rid of it completely, but it's barely audiable now.

    Update: Eliminated it completely with a very thin piece of aluminium connected to ground.

    The Misery Machine

    What it's based on: Grind Customs DeProfundis

    Built on a Rej's DeProfundis PCB. Tweaked slightly by connecting the internal tone/filter trim pot to a blend pot with delay time. This way as you increase the delay time, it also increases the amount of filtering and therefore reducing the noise.

    Loved the pic. Proving that once again, dogs and geeks are all that's going to be left come the zombie apocalypse.


    What it's based on: Madbean Cave Dweller

    Bean's different delay. It's sort of 'mid-fi', and has echo and dwell pots rather than delay. When used together can do some rather funky things from slapback all the way to infinate without going into oscillation (though it'll do that too if you want). I really like this.


    What it's based on: WayHuge AquaPuss

    This is built on Madbean's Aquaboy 2012 PCB (etched by Haberdasher) using a V3205. After a couple of minor tweaks we've got this one sounding better than ours, so we'll be pulling ours apart in a bit to do the same.

    I've added a side pic to show just how low profile I had to make this one. It's like a 1590A build! All down to me not thinking ahead and drilling the jacks near the top of the enclosure.

    I also feel a need to throw a shout out to Steve (Dr Tweek), where we get some of the harder to get hold of bits here in the UK. Had a dodgy component which he replaced next day, no problems at all. Superb service and a stand up bloke.

    Built for Martin of MJW Amps, who is currently building me a speaker cab for my DIY amp.


    What it's based on: 1776 Multiplex Echo Machine

    Dreamed up by Josh at 1776 Effects. It's a dual delay that emulates some old tape delays with some nice features. The coolest being the stretchy tape stomp that speeds and slows the tape in a very stretchy manner.

    I like it lots, there's some really fun and new things on offer with this one. Some great sounds and one of the best PT2399 based delays I've ever heard.

    Better Than Life

    What it's based on: 1776 Rub-a-Dub Reverb

    A standard version of the brilliant reverb by 1776 Effects. If you want a spring like verb, this is one of the simplest and best I've ever heard.

    The short block I find slightly tighter and the long slightly 'bigger'. I prefer the short if I have to choose so that's what this is. So I've made a couple of stand alone reverbs as people have been asking for them.

    The decal makes no sense whatsoever. It appears to be some sort of androgynous cyberpunk figure. I just liked it and it fit.

    Martin of MJW Amps snagged one of these. The other went to Steve (38th Beatle).

    Sound clip pinched from Martin. Nice demo of one of his amps also.

    Twin RaDverb

    What it's based on: 1776 Rub-a-Dub Reverb

    A simple and simply wonderful reverb by 1776 Effects that utilises the new, ever so small, Accutronics (was Belton) Brick.

    I wondered what taking a short brick and shoving it into a long would be like. We'll it's kinda cool, it gains a shimmery modulation and sounds like a hooooge room. As you can stomp either, or, or both on this box. I thought I'd label them room for the short, hall for the long and it has a nice picture of a section of York Minster covering both.


    What it's based on: EHX Deluxe Memory Man

    Madbean's Dirtbag Deluxe PCB. This really is a monster build and another super tight fit. Indeed looking very similar to Mr C's. Stonking delay.

    Update: Managed to get hold of some genuine MN3005 delay chips and retro fitted them along with a 15v charge pump. There is just no comparison between the two (we back-to-backed it with Cleggy's DMM, which later also got modded). The V3205 DMM is a noisy mess compared to the MN3005 one. Shame that the supplier has once again run out of them.

    Wet Pussy

    What it's based on: WayHuge AquaPuss

    Taking smutty pedal names to it's logical conclusion, my clone of an AquaPuss is indeed, a Wet Pussy. Marvellous delay, built on one of Madbean's AquaBoy PCBs

    Update: With the addition of a double delay board, it's now a Sopping Wet Pussy. It adds a little noise (expected). But it's still the cleanest, most natural analogue delay there is, and a million miles away from PT2399 based delays. The trade off is that you can now have nice long delays if you want them.

    Update2: Hmmm, the noise annoyed me. Back to one V3205 until the Aquaboy Deluxe is released methinks.

    Hot Rod Girl

    What it's based on: BYOC Reverb

    Cracking reverb from BYOC.


    What it's based on: Echobase

    Massively versatile delay that can also act as a chorus, vibrato and a reverb. Built on an excellent PCB from Taylor over at DIY Stompboxes (now available from his website:


    What it's based on: BYOC Digital Delay with Ping-Pong

    Originally a catastrophic failure. Firstly I had a line come off the mix pot (which is why I'll be using eyelet ones and when our stock runs out). No biggy, but the whole thing had to come out to re-connect it. Next we found a dry joint (my first *cries*) on the repeats pot. I fixed that and everything was working for all of about a minute, as then the regulator fritzed and is now throwing 9v to the CMOS chips instead of 5v (was working correctly earlier). So they're probably blown too now. So there are new delay chips and a regulator on order... Some times you just need to step away from the soldering iron.

    Update: Now un-foobed. I definitely shorted it out when it was out of the box somewhere and blew the reg. Just replaced that and the delay chips and it's now working fine.


    What it's based on: BYOC Digital Delay with Ping-Pong

    My chosen pedal for the 2nd place prize in the BYOC 2009 Open Class Buildoff.

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