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Harley Quinn

What it does: Vocal Wah Thing
What it's based on: Colorsound Dipthonizer

A new Dipthonizer clone for Phil built on Madbean's Honeydripper 2015 board. The difference here is that it now uses the LM3700 rather than the out of production CA3080

Fluff Girl Audition

What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: EHX Bass Balls

A Fluff Girl proto sent to us by Rej to evaluate. We like it lots. The actual board is probably going to be a bit different. But it should all sound the same as this one (which is awesome).

Box is another recyche job, so the layout doesn't really match where I've put things. Think of the environment man!

She's Back... Again!

What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: DOD 440

Built on a Mirrorball PCB from Jason (Jubal81). A unique and rather awesome filter. Now with beewbs!


What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: Lovetone Meatball

Another mad Lovetone effect. LOADS of different sounds available from this. I even at one point had it as vocal as a Dipthonizer! With all the options it can be a little difficult to dial in. But given that, I still prefer it to a Mutron III.

Board is a Rissole from AlanP of the Madbean forum and rather excellent it is too.


What it does: Envelope Filter
What it's based on: Mutron Micro V

Madbean's Kraken, a Mutron V envelope filter. Possibly my favourite of the lot. So easy to dial in.


What it does: Envelope Filter + Sample & Hold
What it's based on: Maestro Filter, Sample & Hold

Madbean's Sharkfin PCB implementation of a Maestro Filter, Sample & Hold. The Envelope is rather marvellous. Much easier to dial in than the Mutron and I think it might sound better! The Sample&Hold is a bit mad! Zappa-tastic.

The Trowah

What it does: Cocked Wah
What it's based on: Grind Customs Kwawk Wah

Built for Phil who wanted a cocked wah, but one he could adjust with his foot if neccessary. Hence the mahoosive coil wound pot. I'm fairly sure you could almost stand on that without any issues.

Juang Wah

What it does: WahWah
What it's based on: Madbean Weener Wah

Interesting build this one. The case was bought new from Tube Amp Doctor. They're sold as cases for DIY, but they're actually complete wahs that may or may not work ;) At 35 delivered, I couldn't not really!

It worked, so the inductor was scavenged and ended up in the Sultinizer. I also kept the pot, which turned out to be pretty good! The board as replaced by a Madbean Weener Wah board with a Whipple inductor.

We've modded ours with some changes we found in Phil's wah that we really quite liked. I've detailed the changes below:

  • R1 omit
  • R2 40k
  • R4 420r
  • R5 1k8
  • R7 75k
  • R16 1k5

  • C1 10n
  • C2 4u7
  • C5 10n
  • C6 15n
  • C9 100u

  • Q1 BC109B lowest hfe of pair
  • Q2 BC109B

  • PEAK jumper 1+3
  • FREQ jumper 2+3

  • Sultinizer

    What it does: Cocked/Vibro Wah
    What it's based on: Wah + LFO

    An idea we had a while ago and were beaten to by CJ here. Anyone who's ever listened to Clutch will know what this sounds like. Tim Sult has a very unique superfast wah style, this pedal essentially does that without the effort. With the LFO switched out it operates as a cocked wah.

    The boards used are both from Grind Customs. A modboard and Kwawk wah. A little bit of modding has occured since the picture was taken. A diode has been added across the pins of the rate pot to make it waa rather than aawwaawwaaww or aww. Also the roll your own vactrol has been opend up and the LED and LDR separated to soften the effect a little. It's more natural now.

    It still has a percieved volume drop when engaged, we'll sort that on the one we make for Cleggy. EDIT: mine got modded later with the same changes so now behaves itself.

    Sultinizer v2 is for Mr Clegg and it fixes the issues with mine. It has the LFO on a stomp and it also doubles the gain when kicked in. It's rather smashing!

    The decal is awesome. It's a rather literal depiction of Clutch's Spacegrass. Right down to Jupiter's cyclops winking with the LFO.


    What it does: Envelope Filter
    What it's based on: Mutron III

    The Nautilus is Madbean's modernised version of the famous Mutron III filter. It it kicks ass most funkily.

    Sound clip


    What it does: Vocal Wah Thing
    What it's based on: Colorsound Dipthonizer

    Built on a limited run board that Barry of GutarPCB.com did (he's not doing any more as it's a complicated build to say the least, I was lucky to snag the last one).

    Firstly, this thing is HOOOOGE. To contain it has taken the mother of all stomp boxes. Then, rather annoyingly, I got most of the decal backwards (you'll notice the in/out, but the vowels are reversed also). I really didn't want to take it apart so I'm going to live with it. Mounting the pots and sockets through the case was a massive pain in the arse too. It all fits, just...

    Functionally though, this thing is just barking mad. The most vocal/vowelly auto thing I've ever heard. Brilliant fun.

    Silver Dipthonizer: The original build irritated me... The text was backwards, the jacks were backwards and I wasn't happy with the way the board was mounted. So my OCD got the better of me and I bought a new enclosure, pots and switch and have re housed and re-wired it. Works exactly as before but now it's all correct... Yes, yes, I am a tart.

    The smaller Dipthonizer was built on Madbean's Honeydripper board for Wayne.

    Sound clip


    What it does: Sequenced Wah Thing
    What it's based on: Zvex Oohwah II

    Another built on one of Madbean's awesome PCBs.

    Not an easy build. Made worse by trying to fit it into this enclosure. Looked awesome the first time I assembled it, but I had to totally strip it to reverse all the LEDs. Now they're somewhat recessed and I'll be damned if I'm going to take it apart again to level them out! Saying that, it actually looks cool as hell when it's running.

    Update: Then again, when you suffer from a sort of tidiness OCD you can't exactly help yourself taking it apart again and fixing that one LED (3rd one in) that isn't seated right...

    Snow White

    What it does: Auto Wah
    What it's based on: Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah

    Awesome auto wah built on a most excellent GutarPCB.com board.

    Super Duck

    What it does: Auto Wah
    What it's based on: RunOffGroove Nurse Quacky + Electro Harmonix LPB1

    Evolution baby! Sticking an LPB1 on the front of this circuit transforms it and makes it a doddle to get a wide range of funkiness out of it. To the point that I reckon that a boost of some sort is an essential addition that everyone should do.

    Dr Daffy

    What it does: Auto Wah
    What it's based on: RunOffGroove Nurse Quacky

    Really works at it's best with a boost on the front of it (as do most of these envelope follower type effects). To the point that we've had a re-think on how the next one will be built. This one works, but it's not quite as easy to use as it should be.

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