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Assuming you've read the About Us section, you'll have an idea of what we're about. Should you want to follow us, as I believe that's what people do these days, unfortunately that'll be a bit harder. I canned the Facebook page because it was starting to turn into The Gear Page. Basically I posted a bit of critism about an effect and people took exception to it. I've been on the internet long enough (since before the web was a thing) to know exactly where that was going and I simply don't have the inclination to argue with strangers on the internet, so I shut it.

If you want to have a discussion about effects and how they work, you'll find us and many other like-minded individuals on the Madbean forum. Which is a very non-confrontational place that's interested in the workings of effects. If you want a less technical opinion about something I can occasionally be found in the FX section of The Fretboard forum. If you want to validate your purchases by spouting marketing at me and saying 'well you do it better then', or commenting on how I'm making all this money from selling clones, then feel free to stay on TGP, I want nothing to do with it or you. Be civil and understand critism for what it is, not some sort of personal assault on your opinion and we'll all get along just fine.

Closing the Facebook page may be seen as an over-reaction but in all honesty, I needed the push to abandon social media entirely. For the time being this site will remain, at least until June 2018 when the hosting is up. Then this will probably go as I'm not sure what the purpose of this place is other than I quite enjoy writing, and I don't need it to be online to do that. It might go back to being served on a Raspberry Pi underneath my TV, mainly because that'll actually be fun to do and I might be back into making pedals by then.

UPDATE: After many years and hundreds of pedals we're packing in this side of the hobby. I'm still messing with old computers, consoles and monitors in the (woefully out of date) geekery section of this website, but for now I'm done with making pedals. There are a few reasons for this: it's no longer self-funding (blame China for that one), I've made pretty much every variant of pedal so I can't remember the last time I built a pedal for myself, and I'm just not feeling it anymore. Now I'll always maintain any of my pedals out there as long as I'm able. There just won't be any new builds after this last multi I'm on with is complete.

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