Finishing Tutorial
making pedals look sweet

Using the theory that pictures are easier to follow than words, this is v2 of the pedal finishing tutorial with lots of pictures!
A huge thank you to Phil Greenwood Photography for taking them.

Firstly you'll need to design, print and cut out out a paper template and an adhesive decal for each pedal.

A fist full of decals and templates

Line it up

Tape the paper template to the top

Mark where the jacks and power are on the sides

Measure and mark the sides for the jacks and power

Centre punch everything to be drilled

Remove the template and pilot all the holes with a 3mm drill bit

Using a stepper bit, take the holes out to their required sizes

What I really need is a foot controllable pillar drill, until that's invented Mr Clegg provides remote control.
Nope, the trigger lock on our drill doesn't work ;)

Here you'll prep the enclosure in whatever way is appropriate. Sanding, polishing, etc

Heat the enclosure (helps the decal's adhesive spread more easily)

Decal separated from backing

Lined up...

Use the glossy side of the backing to flatten the decal as you roll it on

Holding the backing paper over the decal (glossy side down still), use your fingers to flatten the decal. This helps get bubbles out

Still with the backing, we go over it very heavily with a roller to spread the adhesive. Alternatively use heavy pressure with the back of your thumbnail

If you've got bubbles you can prick them with a pin and re-roller it. If they're not bad, you wont see them through the Envirotex

Cut out the holes with a craft knife (we leave the LED and mount that under the decal)

Now over to Mr Clegg for the Envirotex

Tape up the holes from underneath


Mixing & stirring

Transferred to a new clean cup for pouring

New development: Cleggy has found that if he heats the Envirotex up baby bottle stylie prior to mixing it, he gets a much better, more glass-like finish. Basically stick the bottles in a bowl of hotish water for 5-10 mins prior to mixing.

Fill the holes first. Otherwise you can get flow marks in the finish as it flows into them

Then pour... a spiral towards the centre

Allow it to spread, tease if neccessary with your stirrer

Breathe on the Envirotex to cause the bubbles in it to burst. It's really rather cool this bit

Using Kontakt cleaner or Methalated Spirit on a paper towel... clean up any runs and tidy up the edges. Then leave to cure for a few days

New top tip!
When the Envirotex has cured, before you drill, apply some Rain-X (automotive stuff used on windscreens and motorbike visors). It fills in all the pores and no 'tex dust gets in there. It remains smooth and shiny. WIN!

Remove the tape from the inside of the enclosure then drill the Envirotex using the stepper bit


Essentially at this point you're done and it's ready to drop your effect into. However if there are bubbles or flow marks in the finish, you'll need to wet sand and polish the top to remove them.

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