So much muff you'd think it was the 70's

Here lives the Muffs Spreadsheet. A living doc that I update everytime I get hold of the details of a muff.

To be clear, there is no standard muff. Certainly when it comes to the older ones they can vary massively. Even different examples of the same model. So don't be surprised if these don't match up with a schematic you have.

The spreadsheet is now based around the Madbean Mudbunny v2 and other boards that use the same schematic (Pickdropper's MiniMuffin, SpinCycleFX's Flexi-muff and BeeJive's Swarm).

Version 2
'ello, 'ello, what's all this then?

As part of a collaboration with Grind Customs we helped out with their UltraStoner project. In the process of doing the doc for that I also did an update of the spreadsheet to suit the new board and we came up with subtly different versions of some old faithfuls to use the new board's features.

Well one thing led to another and the spreadsheet for this one has started to get quite big... I've grabbed a load of muffs from the magnificent Kit Rae Muff Resource and added them verbatim to the end. I've not done the extra bits for them as I wouldn't want to do all the work for you now would I...

The build doc is located on Grind's site as well as here. The V2 spreadsheet is here. It's a little more featuresome than the one in the build doc.

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