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Free Hugs

What it's based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy

Another Enchanter. This one was built for someone for xmas and I totally forgot to update the site. I've also completely forgot who I made it for... I have no memory...

Snapper re-gut

What it's based on: Menatone Red Snapper

A bit unusual this one. A Red Snapper sent to us for repair. The problem was with it's relay switching, but it being a 3/4 layer PCB made tracing that bit a royal pain in the arse. We tried swapping the relay hoping it'd be that, but it wasn't.

In the end it was easier to gut the thing and re-build it Juan-stylie. So opto-switch and the circuit re-built on a Fuzzdog Little Screamer board (3 guesses as to what a Snapper is related to...). We re-used the Box, op-amp, pots, knobs and battery enclosure and the rest is all new. At least the fella now has a pedal he can use, even if it's not as it came from Menatone.

Foobomb II

What it's based on: Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer

Shaun came around and managed to part me from my Mini Foobomb Screamer so a replacement was in order. As I no longer do mini's, it's now a midi-Foobomb. Ubiquitous Tube Screamer board from Fuzzdog FX

The Enchanter 2 / Angel 2

What it's based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy

Two recycled enclosures. First is the Enchanter which was a Timmy clone on vero, the second was a BBpre clone. Both have been re-housed in a multi leaving their original boxes empty. Seemed rude not to use them so in there has gone Cleggy and my Grind Catch-22 boards (Timmy-ish).

The decals are as they were because I liked them and they worked on the enclosure. I just changed the text.


What it's based on: Xotic BB Pre

A straight BBpre clone for Martin on a Poodle PCB.


What it's based on: Maxxon OD820

An OD820 clone made on Aion's most excellent PCB. It looks a lot like Cleggy's did... Mine was late because I stole a pot that was destined for it to make the Dumberoid. Bah!


What it's based on: Shin's Dumbloid

Where to start with this one... This is a clone of a 'boutique' OD that was the latest thing to be hyped out of all proportion on TGP. Mainly because it's name had the D word in it and it was $600.

Long story short; it's a Tube Screamer with lots of different parts thrown fairly randomly at it. It actually sounds pretty good now I've got it right. It doesn't in any way justify the price tag though. Especially when you see the state of the original...

To prove a point, I built it on a generic Poodle Pedal Parts Tube Screamer board and altered their schematic should you wish to do the same.


What it's based on: Heavily Modded Hao Rust Driver

This all started when we had a Rust Driver in for repair, which we liked. Then Phil wanted one, but one that was more open. So we created the Rusty Sheriff mods. This is the circuit taken even further still, doubling the headroom and adding tone and gain controls. All rise for the SuperJudge!

Should you wish to build one, the vero layout is HERE. It's a bit tight at the ends, but it does go and it just fits sideways in a 1590B. The tone and vol controls are quite interactive. It's mainly to tame the top end as it was with the switch on the original. So the more vol, the more you'll want to dial back the tone.

Update! Even easier now, Rullywow Industries has done a PCB for the Judge. The second pedal is built on this board. Hopefully we'll see more Judges out in the world.

Rusty Sheriff Badge

What it's based on: Modded Hao Rust Driver

We made some changes to Phil's 75 Drive and liked them so much, made a couple for ourselves.

Mods detailed here in red.

The Enchanter

What it's based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy

There are some who call me...


'75 Drive

What it's based on: Hao Rust Driver

We repaired one of these for PhilK and liked it so much we planned to make one for ourselves. So built it on vero, then PhilG heard it and bagged it before we had chance to box it up.

Malcom was requested by Phil. We aim to please :)

Update: We've made a few mods to this, which changes it quite a bit. I'll detail them when we do another.


What it's based on: Pro Co RAT

A Rat built on a Madbean Runt PCB. Didn't have a Rat, thought it was about time we made one.

Little Blue Pill III / Blank Canvas

What it's based on: Zvex Super Hard On

Another SHO built on a Grind Customs FX SuperFET PCB (cheers Rej!). This one is to replace Martin's mini-SHO mainly because the 1590As aren't that stable when used in anger on stage. Also the stomp has gone a little dicky. It was easier to build a new one in a more stable 1590B enclosure and use our prefered and much more robust Optotron switching solution. The mini will come back and get a new stomp.

The plain white one with battery provision is for Bucketshred of the BKP forum. He's going to have an arty mate of his decorate this so specifically asked for a blank canvas.


What it's based on: Hermida Audio Zendrive

Another Zendrive clone this time built in a 1590A using Grind's Fengdrive PCB and the quad pot daugther board (underneath). Smashing!


What it's based on: Tube Screamer

A Tube Screamer on a Beejive Pupa PCB. Mr C populated this one, I boxed it up.

MiniFooII is mine. This time using 16mm pots and in a polished enclosure coated in Envirotex.

Gangster / Smeg Head

What it's based on: Clark Gainster

The final pedal for Martin of MJW Amps. A Clark Gainster Clone on a Madbean Egghead PCB.

Other than a wah and tuner, all the other pedals on his board were made by us. Quite chuffed about that it has to be said! Smeg Head is mine

Little Blue Pill II

What it's based on: Zvex Super Hard On

Built on a Grind Customs FX SuperFET PCB. It's a pair of SHO's. Even looks like bugger all in a 1590A!

Many thanks to Rej for the boards.

Cherrybomb / Neo Tokyo / Osiris / Terminator

What it's based on: Colorsound Overdriver

Built on a 'bean board of the same name, this is a Colorsound Overdriver clone and I really quite like it. Crank the bass & gain, pull the treble back and it's a thick fuzz. Everything in the centre and it's a nice over drive. That and a distortion inbetween.

Though it has been a good lesson in not being a pikey. This is a recycled enclosure and for the sake of saving a few quid (as it's a pedal for me) and buying a new one, I just made my life difficult. As the PCB has board mounted pots and both the LED and power socket got in the way (you'll note that the decal has the power where I'd expect it to be had it been a recent build).

That made it awkward, the crushed and therefore shorting power line from said socket took some finding because of this. Then I've managed to grind the head off one of the old screws. As such, a simple build like this ended up taking several hours more than it normally should. I need to be less of a tight arse!

Yellow traditional one was for Phil, who wanted his to have a similar vibe to the original pedal.

The next is how mine would have looked had I done it properly in the first place (I've no idea who snagged this one!).

Neo Tokyo is for Lew.

Souls of Osiris (his band logo) is for Sam.

The last is my Cherrybomb re-built because my original build annoyed me, and because I can. It's all carbon comp resistors, axial caps and even has the correct original transistors. A bit scruffy given all the de-soldering and re-soldering that's gone on. All adds to the mojo baby.

The Terminator is Lew's NeoTokyo re-decalled. He's got a bit of a man-crush going on for early Arnie films at the moment and has decided that all his pedals should have him on them. In the words of Barry Norman ...and why not.

The last is for Stephan (Darkbluemurder of BKP).


What it's based on: Hermida Audio Zendrive

A Zendrive clone sent to me for repair. It was in a sorry state with a cooked pot, no power and blown chip. Amongst other things. What started out as a repair became pretty much a full rebuild. Cleggy made a new board and, well everything apart from the jacks, 3 of the pots and the stomp is new.

I'm a bit annoyed with myself for the decal as I've managed to obscure most of it. But little boxes are awkward in this respect and as my printer has died, it's going to have to stay that way now anyhow. What I will say is that it's a cracking overdrive. Kinda like a tube screamer plus. Like it quite a lot. Might have to build one for me.

Foobomb / Commando

What it's based on: Tube Screamer

Thought I really should have a Tube Screamer (the original and very first pedal I made became my brothers), so I've build Madbean's Green Bean TS clone.

When this was snagged by Lew, Arnie was requested so it's been re-decalled accordingly.

Gainster Twin

What it's based on: 2x Clark Gainsters

Built for Martin of MJW Amplification (who's currently building me an amp). This is a twin Gainster pedal with engagable master volume.

Not easy to get into a box this small and the wiring has unfortunately suffered as a result. Still all seems to be working fine.

Range Master

What it's based on: Dallas Arbiter Range Master

I woke up one morning and had the overwhelming urge to make a Range Master. As I had a remaining NOS Phillips OC75 transistor knocking about, it seemed rude not to.

Huw ended up with this one and Matt borrowed it, loved it and wanted one. As there was a suitable transistor in his haul we've done just that. Red with a bakelite knob to match his Fender Greta amplifier.

COD (ClonedOverDrive)/M-O.C.D

What it's based on: Fulltone OCD

As Gibson would say, in a smokey room it kinda looks a bit like the real thing... Yeah, I was lacking inspiration on this one so just went for the same design, but a slightly different font.

Marauder's M-O.C.D, based on M-O, the obsessive compulsive robot from WALL-E. A bizarre case of him having the more punning pedal and me having the sensible one, as it were.

Little Blue Pill/Snap Crackle Pop

What it's based on: Zvex Super Hard-On

I built this out of curiosity also. Like the Meathead I wondered how can so few components be sell for so much? The answer in this case seems to be because it sounds really bloody good. Kudos to Zvex for coming up with something new that just works.

My decal was a complete afterthought and just something stuck in there to fill the gap.

This (and the DB above) were my first use of the Millenium Bypass instead of a 3PDT stomp. This is mainly for pure money saving reasons as the 3PDT stomps are big money for what they are and the whole idea behind making your own effects is to keep it all nice and cheap.

Diablo Overdrive

What it is: BYOC Overdrive 2 kit
What it's based on: Ibanez TubeScreamer TS-808

Built to stock TS-808 specs with the standard BYOC switchable mods. A bit of a demonic theme to this, for no reason really.

This also has the distinction of being the first pedal I ever made.

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