Delay / Reverb / Modulation


Deux Profundis
AKA: The Yorkshire Echo

This is a mash up of my two favourite delays. It's essentially a Grind Customs De Profundis with the current mirroring from Madbean's Zero Point DD to get me two delay ICs. The net result is we get the nice variable filtering (tone) of the Profundis with almost no PT2399 noise.

Jason also pulled out all the stops on this one to squish it all onto this PCB. It's the maximum dimensions it can be to fit in our cases (take a look at the gut shot).


This is just a straight Grind Customs Tenebrion reverb.

We might update the PCB on this as it's a bit of a sod to get into this enclosure neatly. But we'll be leaving the actual circuit well alone as it does what it does rather brilliantly.



STM2-Bernier Edition

Only slight modifications here. This is the Grind Customs Electric Boogaloo, which is CJ's Shoot the Moon 2, which itself is based on a Tremulous Lune. But ours has all of Rej's mods on board for ease of building. So as well as the usual STM stuff it's can get fairly extreme too.

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