Overdrive / Distortion / Boost


Big Omar

Big Omar, as well as being a fairly well known British porn star, is our boost effect.

It's essentially our Baby Boobtube made silicon, or at least an approximation of it. Whats most impressive about it is that it's nigh on identical sonically. Which is awesome because the BBT does a great job of sounding like another stage in a single channel amp.

Capable of being a clean boost into a amp with lots of headroom, or a OD into one that hasn't as much. It also sounds great after fuzzes to thicken them up.

The Enchanter

A Timmy clone that runs at 18v internally for more headroom and has pots that work the correct way around. We also don't have the switch because it's set and forget in our opinion.

It's really one of those perfect effects that does everything you'd ever want an overdrive to do, without complication or bullshit. Just a brilliant OD.




This is the clone of the Demo Tape Fuzz, which I consider to be not only one of the true original designs out there, but also just a damned versatile and sweet sounding effect.

More pre/distortion sounding than fuzz, though at extreme setting fuzz is definitely an option. It has a LOT of volume on tap.

Yorkshire Pasty

A Colorsound Overdriver/Powerboost with a Cornish-ish buffer on the front so it plays nice with other things.


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