Retro Gaming vs Modern Televisions

Going full CRT

It's been a while since I've done an update and the rigs have evolved once more. I've fully embraced the CRT and have made it my mission to save as many as possible from the tip while I still can. Which means that between mine and Cleggy's house, there's a shit tonne of them. But hey, we're gonna need spares at some point.

So the retro rig has expanded somewhat with some consoles being moved from the HD rig onto it because, quite simply, they look better on CRT (Wii, PS2 & Gamecube).

I should probably go through what we've got here: There's a 19" LaCie Electron Blue monitor. Literally intercepted on the way to the skip as the guy getting shot said that I'd just saved him taking it by picking it up. I had one of these back in the day, they were not cheap and were often seen on higher end graphics workstations. That's got the Dreamcast plugged directly into it via a Hanzo VGA box.

Next is the ubiquitous Sony PVM I got in the batch I posted earlier. Just about everything else is plugged into this via RGB and the brace of three Bandridge switch boxes on the next shelf. The 2600jr however is plugged in via S-Video. That's the only anomaly there.

a brace of lovely Bandridge switches

Finally on this setup is a Commodore 1702. These pre-date S-Video as a standard and have Luma/Chroma as seperate phonos instead. Plugged in via a cheap Chinese switchbox are the 8-bit Atari, the 7800 and the C64. All via S-Vid essentially (Luma/Chroma/Audio, not Comp/Left/Right as the switch is marked). Again the monitor is from the era so suits the sources perfectly IMO.

the cheapest nastiest switch ever

What you can't see are the other two monitors, a Taxan VGA on my retro PC. That's a big bloody thing that I'll want to replace with something smaller at some point. Finally the Commodore 1085 that connects to the A1200, ST and Spectrum via another Bandridge. It's what we had back in the day, so it's what looks right.

The stash doesn't end there however. Over at Cleggys, there's a pair of domestic Trinitrons along with the BVM and the little PVM. The pro monitors are essentially his now as I've just no room for them.

I don't need no bespoke console covers

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