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Pretty in pink

If the barge has one weakness it's the paint. Rain gets on, the sun shines on the rain, it fades in an unpleasant, spotty manner. A lot of polish and elbow grease used to get it back to deep red and shiny. But I'd finally reached the stage where even that wasn't enough and I'd resigned the fact that it was going faded blotchy pink and there wasn't much left I could do.

The main reason is that it's simply not worth very much. But in my opinion, it's too good a car to let get crappy looking. So when picking my dad's P4 up from the garage I mentioned the above in passing and we came to a doable sum of money for a paint job. Now this sum was very, very reasonable so I didn't expect it to be stunning. Just a flash over and tidy up.

I wish the following pictures could do justice to just how good this thing looks now. So deep is the colour and shine. Indeed it makes the Porker look a little orange stood next to it! I doubt the paint was this good when it left the factory.

I'm insanely chuffed with it, I was gobsmacked when I picked it up and I'm still blown away by it. Some people might think I'm mad getting a 20 year old, low value daily driver resprayed. I look at it this way, if the respray gets it another 10 years, it's been well worth it.

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