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New boots

I had another of those moments where I thought I'd part with the barge again. I pondered for ages what I'd swap it for and in the end decided there was nothing out there I wanted to that wasn't another old Merc.

So instead I decided to sort all the outstanding jobs on the car. For example the clutch was getting a little juddery. I thought the clutch must be on it's way so I got the local garage to swap it. It had some uneven wear on it, but wasn't at the rivets just yet. No the uneven wear came from the fact that the slave cylinder had a split in it and was squirting fluid occasionally on it. A new cylinder and clutch has sorted all that.

The next thing on the agenda was some new tyres. They had some life left in them, and while they did, I've been trying to source some original 190E alloys. The reason being that I occasionally take a trip over the tops to a friends and I've managed to boil the brake fluid good and proper a couple of times on the way back. The steel wheels just retain the heat and alloys act like a heat sink dissipating it. So madly enough, it's not a cosmetic change that's driven it, it's an attempt to sort out the brake over heating.

I managed to bag a near mint set of five, not bad considering they're likely as old as the car and haven't been refurbed. A huge thank you to Nick7 for picking them up for me. The icing on the cake was managing to get a set of the correct NOS Mercedes alloy capped wheel bolts. You need longer bolts for the alloys regardless and they'd have looked crap with rusty steel ones on there as they'd inevitably end up. Not to mention that these are no longer in production so getting a set is a tad difficult. Thank you Mr Nigel Davies!

Being the right wheels for the car though, they don't half look good on it.

I've just got some little bits of surface rust to deal with when the weather gets better (mainly under the bonnet) and a top up of the Waxoyl under the arches and it's sorted again.

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