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Broken Merc For Sale

I haven't the space or the expertise to diagnose and fix it myself so it's going to have to go. Which I'm really disproportionately sad about.

The problem is that the ABS light is on (no ABS), it's a bitch to start when cold, sluggish response and a fast idle once it warms up. All of which points to the Over Volt Protection relay that connects to both the ECU and the ABS brains. I tried cleaning the connections and that seemed to sort it for two weeks, and the car ran perfectly durning that time, but it's back. I dropped the new relay in today and the fault hasn't cleared.

Otherwise good stuff; the bodywork, interior and overall condition is bloody marvellous. Even underneath and in the engine bay. When it works, it's a genuinely characterful and brilliant car that I had planned to continue running to the point that it couldn't pass an MOT.

It'd make a good project I suppose for someone with the skills to fix it.

I'm really going to miss this. All pics clickable for much enlargement.

UPDATE Sold to my mate Martin. I really hope he can get it running and it does another 100k with him. Stoked it's going to a good home.

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