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Endurance - Westie style

I decided a little while ago that I'd do a little experiment to see if I was up to touring in the Bathtub. Mainly because the Juno won't be seeing much action this year and I'll still want to do a few track days. So I booked a half-day at Anglesey. 160 miles there, a few sessions, then 160 miles back. More than I'd ever do in a single day normally. My confidence in the car is such that I packed nothing. No tools, no spares, nowt. Just a phone and an AA card as a last resort. I wheeled it out of the garage in the morning, just got in, and went, as you would in a 'normal' car.

That's where any comparison to a normal car goes right out of the window of course, as the Bathtub is far from it. My problem it seems is that my right leg spends so long in one position that it starts to hurt like buggery after about 90 miles. A bit of padding on the knee where it rests against the side of the car (a single seater style knee pad would solve this) and a bit more under-thigh support from a cushion would do it. Though I suspect I might have to bite the bullet investigate some more comfy seats. Which is a shame as for track the buckets are perfect.

As for Anglesey, this was my first attempt to try the new suspension in anger on a track I'm familiar with, allowing me to really lean on the car. I'm really pleased with the result. Go into a corner too hot will result in mild under steer. Hook the front up properly though and as you power through and out of the corner, the car can be easily played with on the edge of its adhesion. Resulting in lovely controllable four-wheel drifts. Indeed, there is nothing is scary about it at all. It's very confidence inspiring, especially the through the faster corners.

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