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End of an era

The 5 years or so I've owned it, the Bathtub that has been utterly brilliant. I just sadly just didn't use it enough. Work, the weather, other commitments all just got in the way. Which was a crime. Driving it for the last time yesterday brought back to me just how good it is. But also reminded me that it was about the 5th time this year that I'd actually had chance to take it out on a run. The Porker is just more practical for me to use more of the time, and I'm simply finding it more suited to how I can use a sports car these days. I'm getting older and fatter basically, and I like being dry. But I still stand by that there's little more fun to drive than a well sorted nail.

When I have used it though, it's never failed to put a massive smile on my face. It genuinely is one of the best cars I've ever owned and one that I'm very sad to let go. Practicality must however, and I'd rather that the car went to someone who'd use it as intended and get similar enjoyment from it (more frequently!). So I won't be replacing it. I honestly don't think I could ever replace it with a nail that's anywhere near as perfect for me anyhow.

Update (06/2013): That being said, I miss it massively... So if the current owner fancies selling it back to me at some point (I lost all your details when I quit my job and had to hand my work phone in), drop me an e-mail.

Update (06/2018): Well things change. The guy who bought it from me did get in touch (thanks dude!), but by that point I was no longer working and sadly in no position to buy it back. A situation that remains. In his ownership he did drop in a nice BGH gearbox though, which was something I'd wanted to do at some point. It was however bought by Rory who has been in touch and has made his own mark on the car also. I have to admit, she's looking good!

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