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Couple of outstanding jobs now sorted on the Bathtub. Firstly it's now got a proper breather/catch tank. The original was a bike drinks bottle mounted under the throttle boddies. That would get hot oil in it that would slosh around when driving enthusiastically. A bit of a pain, so I've fitted a bigger, proper tank that should do the job nicely. The guy that built the car might not like that it's not hidden away, but it wouldn't fit anywhere else.

Next was a foot rest. That little bit of U section ali might actually be the cure to all my cramp problems. Driving around in it yesterday I had no issues now that I've actually got something to rest my heel against. It might even be the Best Mod Ever (tm).

Last but not least is I've now got a removable cigarette lighter solution. There purely to run a sat-nav as I'm navigationally challenged.

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