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Honeymoon period over

My brother's Elise in Austria and not broken. The exception to the rule?

I got it back this morning, the blower is actually now pretty damned effective and they've even cured the rattle. What it isn't doing is making me want to experience this car out of warranty. My idea was that maybe at the end of the year, I'd look to selling the Westfield and replacing the Elise with maybe an Elise R or SC. Now I'm teetering on cutting my losses and just getting shot of it. In the meantime the Westfield has been good as gold. It's older, been further, is in better nick and just doesn't fail unless it's down to my own stupidity/corner cutting. I think I'd be doing it a great dishonor by replacing it with a Lotus. Then again I've got eleven months of warranty left and in that time this might all seem like a distant memory. Who knows? But the brilliant driving experience the Lotus offers, simply isn't enough to make up for the dire reliability I'm currently suffering.

Hopefully any further entries will be a little more positive. It is achingly pretty though and I suppose if I just look at it, it's less likely to fall to pieces.

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