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First proper run out

Just when you think you've got it sussed, it pulls it's party trick.

I took it on a run up to Specialist Cars of Malton for an open day and it was absolutely bloody magnificent. I can't actually think of another car that would be more entertaining on the roads I was on that I've ever driven. Don't get me wrong, I still have a pretty cynical view of it, but today it got under my skin. Suddenly everything about the way it's set up makes sense. There's no way in hell that I'd have had the confidence to push an S1 as hard as I was doing today on unknown roads. Just so planted and that race car on the road feel is there as soon as you start to wind it up. Everything is absolutely spot on when it comes to operating it then, even the ABS makes sense.

I think for the first time since I bought it, I'm actually completely happy with it. Nothing I've ever driven on a road compares in pure rightness. Even the Scooby, which was a road monster, is made to feel like a video game after it. It might have taken it some time to gain my affection, but I think I might be finally smitten!

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