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They think it's all over!

It is now. Today I left a deposit on the replacement for the Elise and it isn't another Lotus as I'd originally envisaged.

a nail and a Westfield in the sun

Looking back on my 9 months or so of ownership I can honestly say that it has been a frustrating experience punctuated by occasional moments of driving nirvana. Sadly it's the frustrating bits I remember the most and that's not what a toy car is about. As it stands I'm so glad I didn't sell the Westfield as I planned (a car that has never failed to put anything but a massive smile on my face) as that will be promoted back to it's rightful place as my chief toy. I only hope it understands the affair I had with the Elise and doesn't hold it against me.

What to say about the Elise... It is, and always will be magnificent when the planets align and you get a good day, the roof off, a twisty quiet road and it working perfectly. There is no other car I can think of that feels the way an Elise does in this environment. You feel good driving it. It looks good and people almost always are positive when it comes to Norfolk's finest. When it works, it's unbeatable at what it does and had mine exhibited the reliability of my brother's, then I'm sure I'd still own an Elise, if not this one. However I'm just not 100% happy with it, and that's what has been nagging at me.

As such I'd been thinking about selling it for a while now. Scarily it almost beats the Fiat Bravo 1.4S (the worlds most boring car) for being the shortest time I've ever owned a car. The saddest thing is that when it's working, I absolutely adore it. If only Lotus could sort out the build/design problems. As it stands, I've been there, done that. Much as I did with the Impreza. I can't see me going back to another Lotus now.

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