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BERT22 (Wales) - The Juddering

COVID had put paid to most BERT action for the last couple of years so Rod, being the warrior he is, decided to arrange a mini-BERT to go to Anglesey and meet up with Furtive who was doing a track day there a day later. The plan was formed and Furtive decided to start his trip earlier and join us on the drive also. Marvellous!

It seems I can't do one of these trips without some problem rearing it's head, usually a few days before so I don't have time to address it. This time it was after a brief bit of spirited driving, I was forced to slam the brakes on a bumpy road. That shouldn't cause any problems I hear you say and I agree, it really shouldn't. But it did, and since then I had massive judder under braking.

So I juddered into Wales, which is really quite lovely. It has some nice roads and lots of dams which are also quite pretty. It feels a lot like the lakes and some parts of Scotland to be fair, and though it's not a place you can really spend a long time driving, we managed to make it last a day and a half.

Shit was shot and planning was allegedly done for the next proper BERT (it wasn't...).

Look there's just going to be a few pictures now, but to make you scroll to the bottom, I'm going to conclude the brake saga down there.

So I wouldn't recommend the cheapo Pagids from ECP for the MX-5. It had only done around 3000 miles on them and they'd sat on the car for a little over 12 months. That's piss poor. I only used them because we used to use Pagids on the race car and they were magnificent stoppers. These were not... I've spent a little extra and stuck a set of Brembos on the front now and the juddering has gone. The driver's side disc had somehow warped despite it being nearly new. I even had to mallet it off the hub which I've never had to do on an MX-5, and certainly not on any set this new!

As it is, good trip, good to see the lads, and the MX-5 is working again until about a week before the next outing no doubt.

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