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It's been a while...

Interesting day today, had a drive in this (a 981 manual S), and it made me realise a couple of things. Firstly, this is a staggeringly good car at being a refined, usable everyday car, and also, that I actually don't want one. Because I got straight into the MX5 afterwards and around here, it's just a better tool for the job.

The Boxster in comparison is bastard fast. 2nd breaks the speed limit and it's got eons of grip. Around here that just makes it a bit dull and unusable. Ride is good considering the 20" wheels, it's comfy place to be. Everything about it is remarkably good *if* you live somewhere you can use the performance it has on offer.

In comparison the MX5 has a nicer gear selection, nice though the Porker is, you can tell it's cables and it feels disconnected. The Porker's steering is fabulous, there's really nothing wrong with it, but the MX5 is more communicative. The MX-5 is also more fun through the gears as you use more of them because you have to if you want to push on. It's less cocooning, so feels more like a sports car with the lid down rather than a luxury GT with a big sunroof. It feels much more nimble. Again, the Boxster is staggeringly well balanced, but it's weight does count against it.

Basically other than the noise, for where I use it, the MX5 is a better car for me. Which is a bit of a revelation as it means I can stop looking for them.

As for the MX5, there haven't been any updates because since I've sorted all the issues on it, it's started behaving like one and just working. It seems to be the right car. At least until the new hard top ones start showing up for sensible money.

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