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Blame my brother. His Spyder has the Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE) factory option, and it's full of parpy goodness. I heard him pull up in it the other day and found myself feeling slightly inadequate in the exhaust dept. Yes, yes, this is the exhaust that I said was perfect and that anyone who wanted anything louder was probably mad. Well pat me on the head and call me fido.


I haven't lost it completely though. I'm not one for fistable after market uber-zorsts the likes of Evo's run. Also, I still would like it to remain civilised enough to tour with. Enter Gert Carnewal, Belgian Porsche ninja, general all-round nice guy and possessor of the most awesome house/workshop ever.

What Gert does is take an old pair of back boxes, open them up, perform some surgery on them and put them back together again. Then he swaps them with yours and does the same to yours for the next guy. It's a brilliant way of doing things as the car remains stock and it does not effect emissions (I back-to-backed the before and after results from my MOTs and they were nigh on identical).

Essentially what this does is turn your standard exhaust into a PSE which, as it doesn't have the pneumatic valves that the PSE does, is always on/open.

The Belgian Navy

If you like, Gert will send the system to you so you can fit it yourself and you send yours back on an exchange basis. However I recommend nipping over and letting Gert do the work for you. The trip to Carnewal is a nice one for us up in the north. Hop on the ferry and take the overnight crossing to Zeebrugge. Providing the lock at Hull is working and the Belgian Navy aren't in the way doing manoeuvres, you should get there in good time. Then it's just a short drive to Gert's. When you're there you'll enjoy his now legendary hospitality while he beavers away swapping the exhaust. A totally stress free way of doing things.


So what's it like then? Well it's like it was, just more, everywhere. That means yes, the bit of noding you get at around 2300-2700 rpm is a little louder. But it's not bad. At motorway speeds of 70-80 mph you can hear the exhaust now where you couldn't before, but it's on about the same level as road noise. Indeed, driving normally, you'd be pushed to notice much has changed. However when you put your foot down in comes that distinct Porsche flat six wail. It sounds quite purposeful and exotic. As it should be.

Click the 'paaaarps' below the pictures for some poorly recorded samples.

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