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I like to take any car that I drive to a track at least once to find out what it does when you get to, and overstep it's limits. It's a nice safe place to do it and a good way to build up your confidence with a new car.

First impressions are dominated by mass. You are constantly reminded that you're dealing with something heavy when you're braking and throwing it into the bends. Luckily the brakes are excellent and the handling is superbly balanced. Indeed it does nothing scary at all and over all it has a very Elise-like neutrality. Once you start getting into a rhythm it flows very nicely and it is very competent. That's not meant in a condescending way, it is magnificently composed. Power-wise I never found it lacking. It has plenty of shove around the track and coupled to its poise and excellent stoppers, you can hustle it around at a surprising rate. The more powerful Caymans when piloted well will pull away from it. But it's hardly embarrassed and will hold it's own in some very illustrious rear-engined company also.

Still, for me the Cayman is a brilliant sports GT type car. Driving to and from the circuit was comfortable and relaxed. When the roads suit it you can wind it up and attack them in a hugely satisfying manner. It feels right and in my opinion is one of the very best sports cars out there. It would be fine for say a trip over to Spa, enjoying the drive there and taking in a few laps before coming home. But it's not a track car. Certainly not my definition of one, and that's all purely down to weight. If this car could shed 200-300kgs it'd be an incredible thing. But then it'd probably fall to pieces like a Lotus.

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