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BERT15 - Scotland
Buzzez Euro (Scotland is in Europe...) Road Trip 2015

This page is picture heavy, all of which are clickable to enlarge

Well our Alpine Tour in 2014 went down so well, it was inevitable that we'd have to do another. This time a little closer to home (very, for me) starting in the Yorkshire Dales, through to the Lake District, Kielder Forest, then on into Scotland. Some of the greatest driving roads in the UK, some of the most stuning scenery and some of the most moist weather (not unexpected, let's face it).

The plan was once again crafted by my sister-in-law, then honed to perfection by Rod (my navi and ninja route wrangler). Car two, Team Aston, was piloted by Matt and navigated by Nick. Briefly we were joined by car three, The Jaaaag, with Nick Two (called Ethel to save confusion) at the helm. B&Bs were the order of the day, and no repeat of the Gulag this time with some truly epic over night stoppage.

What follows is a tiny proportion of the photos taken, but I had to cut it back and keep it relevant and not to make it yet another tedious collection of my holiday snaps. So here it is, five blokes, three cars, inclement weather, 1850 miles and another of the best holiday's ever.

UPDATE: Nick's pics are up! Click for pics

Eee bah gum, if it in't' North Yorkshire

I hid in the car when this was taken. It was raining, a lot...

Ethel in England and in Scotland

The Jaaaag in all it's majesty

Shiny Aston is shiny

Flossie non-plussed by Nick's candid sheep photography

Pork on a road I absolutely didn't drive down

On holiday with four avid snappers... Photos will be taken

Drochill Castle. Most excellent B&B. Photo by Colin

Random lunch stop, quite pretty

Hadrian's Wall for Ethel (not really, sorry dude)

A siren on the side of Loch Awe

Aston + Waterfall = Awesome

Tobemoray, not the Womble

Transport to and from the Isle of Mull, then on to the Isle of Skye

More ferry action

Famous for it's sunsets apparently

Yep, pretty good

The challenge was to take a photograph of the most photographed castle in Scotland
whilst not looking like you are taking a photo of it...
Pretty yellow flowers

The view from our stop at Dornie for two nights while we drove some local roads

A few pics from Applecross Pass

Let's drive that...

Another photo curtesy of Colin

Rod and Colin

Pork and rocks

From the top of the pass

I really like my car, here is it's arse

We are children

All about the streams

One last lap of a Loch before heading home

The route

To finish; a few vids of gratuitous Astonage

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