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Nearly six years I've had it, which for me is a long, long time to own a car. Some just get under your skin and you bond instantly with them. I stand by that this is one of the best cars I've ever owned. It drips with personality. It has the most vocal and enjoyable engine. It has been practical, reliable and a big ball of fun. To this day, it still makes me smile every time I drive it, yet I've made the decision to sell it. This might take some explaining...

In it's element, it's untouchable. This was made most apparent on the Scotland tour, where on the quiet sweeping roads up there, I can't think of another car I'd rather be in. Indeed if I lived there, I'd not sell this car, ever. Same goes for the Alpine tour. It was spectacular for all the same reasons. Two people can tour in comfort easily in this car, yet when you find the entertaining roads you can go at them full on and enjoy them to the max. It's a genius piece of kit in that respect. The problem is Yorkshire, which is beautiful, and where I live.

We don't do road maintenance. Our roads might just as well be cobbled the state they're in and the Porsche's ride is set up to be firm and the handling super predictable at high speeds. Which it is. However when you're not driving fast, which you can't where I live, the ride remains firm and becomes a bit tiring. This has been my biggest bug bear since I bought the car and remains to this day. Sadly it's not a fault of the car as when you get it to well maintained roads, it's spectacular. But a luxury car it ain't and I suspect I'm getting older in that I'm less prepared to compromise on this.

The next reason is purely practical on my part. Selling the Porsche buys me another year off work. Much as I love it. I'm enjoying my extended sabbatical more as it's allowing me to do all sorts of fun things like rallying, visiting friends for extended breaks in India, and indeed the Euro trips. Time is more important than the car, so this is probably the biggest motivator for me to sell now and get something softer with a roof that comes down, as I miss having a convertible.

Which brings me to now and possibly one of my most painful car sales I'm going to do. The blue Westfield smarted. If anything, this one might smart more. Which is why I'm having Jon at Jon Seal Sports Cars sell it for me. I don't want to change my mind. The decision is practical, logical and sensible. But I'm still going to be sad to see this one go.

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