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mini-update: Croft

You've seen more than enough pics of the car so I've just attached another 'battle' vid below. I don't think there were any completely clear laps caught on camera that I can find so this is as good as it gets.

You'll notice that it's bumpy as hell. You spend a lot of time trying new and unorthodox lines to avoid them. What a good track it would be though if they re-surfaced it. So suited to the Juno.

That's probably it for this year. We've got a list of things to do on the car and we might have a bit of a sabbatical to do them as Colin has been made redundant (until he snags a new job). On the list are: wishbones to be stripped and refurbed, any rose joints/bearings we haven't already replaced to be replaced, a lot of tartage to the bodywork, and just a general service / spanner check.

Anyone fancying a dip into Juno ownership should bob an e-mail to Ewan at Juno Racing. He's got 6 2008 SSE-CN cars that haven't been used. They have all the toys including some tasty things that ours hasn't like pre-preg composite bodywork, later engines and I think they might have flappy paddles also. At 40k + VAT. Which is a bit of a bargain when you consider that new they'll have been 80k+ in that spec. Put it this way, had Colin not been in the situation he's in, and had mine not looked a little uncertain also, we'd have been seriously considering chopping ours in for one.

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