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Euro 2012 Part 2 - BaT Licking

It was another Euro trip spent with other punters and the BookaTrack team and it was once again utterly brilliant. It's not just the track time, which is as good as it gets, it's every bit as much about the social side of things. We've got a good group of like-minded Euro regulars, that coupled with the BaT team being a top group of peeps, equals a top week away. I can't recommend it highly enough.

I'll admit I was just going to leave this as the data post on the previous page, but the pics were so good that I thought I'd throw them up also. Kudos to Stu and Sally (BaT Photographers). As such it's given me the opportunity to give a full report.

The car behaved itself once again. We've had to adjust the sensitivity of the new flat shift microswitch with a bit of tape. It's just not right if there's no tape making something work on a race car. This omission has now been corrected.

Many thanks once again to Simon Reader of TFL Racing, a seasoned Junoist, for much advice when it's come to the setup of our car and a help with a couple of niggly problems. The setup issue we have we think is now tracked down to a camber mis-match at the front. As that requires shims to change we left that for the trip and will deal with that when we get back, along with re-tracking it when done. The other issue was the fuel tank pressurising. Simon again mentioned that the roll over valve (that stops fuel leaking from the breather in the event of a roll) can get gunked up with the additives in road fuel. We freed that up though it got sticky again by the end of Zandvoort, so we might have to replace that with a new one.

Other than that, the car ran really well. That coupled with us now running on newer part worn slicks means our confidence has risen massively. Obviously there's still more to come, but what a difference!

I thought I'd throw this one in there as a perfect example of group of lesser spotted trackdayers. Here seen in their natural habitat. Similar to the Mogwai with water after midnight, it's not wise to introduce alcohol to the trackdayer after a trackday. The results can be... messy.

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