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Euro 2012 Part 1- Data

I thought I'd take a different tack with this update. Mainly because we were stuck in the rain on a campsite in Rotterdam with some time to kill, so we started crunching through the data from the logger.

Please note that we do no live timing on the day, we have it disabled on the dash. Though you can't disable logging which happens whenever the dash is on. This is just a byproduct of the logger, boredom and geekiness.

Juan (black helmet) vs Colin (white helmet) at Spa

We had better luck with the camera this time, though it didn't capture my fastest lap of Spa as I spun and stalled on the one previous and the camera crapped out when I restarted. Still the one I've put up is still quick if a little ragged on my part. Colin's is his fastest at 2:46.497. My best time was 2:45.932, 1-0 to me ;-)

Here are the plots from the logger for our best laps. Interestingly I have lower top speeds in places, but finish at near as damnit the same time. We swap around a bit though, as you can see. I did have the highest top speed of the day, but we're talking fractions of miles an hour. That was on a slightly slower lap, possibly the one that's in the video.

From this we can see that Colin holds the gears longer than me and I'm changing to 6th prior to Eau Rouge. There were debates throughout the day which was fastest, as in the scheme of things, the Juno is actually quite torquey. The jury is still out on this one.

I think there's still time to be made at Spa for us, but it's more tweaking than anything else. I'm sure we can go into Pouhon without such a big jab on the brakes on entry. Likewise Stavelot is a way faster corner than we're taking it.

Juan vs Colin at Zandvoort

The above vid and data below is the best laps from both of us at Zandvoort. Colin's 1:54.295 vs my 1:55.632. 1-1. Bah!

I think there's a lot more to come around Zandvoort. We've only been there three times vs ten at Spa so it's unsurprising that there's more variance as we're still learning it. We're both over braking for Scheivlak and taking the following corner oddly for example. Though the intentional lift for the last corner doesn't really count (db meter might be located around there...). Certainly I'm over a second slower than Colin and it's mostly the lower speed stuff that I need to push harder on as he's taking them much more quickly.

Overall, I think my biggest weakness is that I'm not as aggressive with braking as I was last year. I need to get my confidence back with the stoppers and get back to leaning on them harder and later again.

I'll admit I've never bothered with the data until this point and the geekier side of me finds it really fascinating. What will be even more interesting is that it's promted us to replace the old Chasecam recorder. It's done us proud service over the years, but it's now woefully out of date and a real pain to sort the footage out. Replacing it will be an AIM SmartyCam (silly name), which has the added bonus of being able to communicate directly with the logger. So not only will it be higher resolution and have GPS (something that's a little flakey at times from the logger). We'll also get throttle position, gear, revs, speed, etc in real time from the logger overlaid on the video footage.

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