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Last play of 2011

Oulton Park in November. That went well for us last time at -4 so we thought we'd give it another go. It was a bit damp in the morning, but nicely sunny in the afternoon. Some super courteous driving (the fairy lights are awesome) and some great fun. Still quite a bit of traffic though and so limited clear lappage. Colin did the best of the day below.

The battle lap suffers with traffic. So think of this vid more as a Need For Speed: Oulton Park vid more than anything else. Colin's lap was chosen for being near mine. Typically it's still faster, git.

Still cracking day and indeed a cracking weekend with many thanks to JJ and Paula for their hospitality and for taking us for Pie. Thanks also to Pa Casey for advice when it comes to tipping based on nostril size, Carol's stories of her farting dome installation and Pete's dubious trading of something you can't see, taste or smell. Fascinating stuff. Though I would like the image of Jonathan in long-johns purged from my mind please.

You can take the man out of Yorkshire...

It was also great to see a load of old faces turn up on the day to. Shrek and BaB, been a long time guys (managed to miss Noz). Even some Westfield guys. Great day, reminds me why I like this hobby so much. It's every bit as much about the social side of things as it is about playing with cool cars on race tracks.

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