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Prep Complete

The new seats are in. The eagle eyed will notice the R logo on them. Yep they're somewhat 'modified' Radical seats that have been cut to fit, and they do fit a treat, though passengers will need to be quite small. There's a cover over the extinguisher (with a hole cut through) and even a passenger footrest! Again though, it's a bit restrictive so along with being small, it'll help if the passenger is a contortionist also. The new belts are in for the driver, which are much better with the lap strap adjusters actually accessable. The smaller wheel with the open top has been fited, mainly so we can see the dash and so that I can turn the wheel. Finally for the cockpit area, the solid state recorder has been fitted. We still need to make some dash controls for that and fit the camera mind you.

As far as GJOBbery goes, we've done what we can. A lot of the advertising has gone, some new polycarbonate light lenses have been made, some heavy touch up and a lot of tarting has got it looking lovely as long as you don't get too close. It's a race car so there's no point in going any further with it as it'll only get scruffy again.

Finally it's had a fluid change, a spanner check and an exhaust repack. We've got the new trailer and Colin is fabbing a wheel rack to go onto that so we're just about ready to go. Our first drive and it's first test well be at Anglesey in April.

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