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mild fettlage

DRL's... yes, really!

A bit of fettling has occured as we have one more day booked. It's at Oulton Park in November again... Hopefully this won't be a repeat of last time!

What we've done is replace the wing brackets with new ones. One of the old ones had cracked, we braced it at the track but it was never going to last given the whole back end of the car is bolted to the gearbox by them. While it was all off we've done a gearbox and engine oil change. Just routine stuff.

A big chunk of rubber hit the aeroscreen also breaking it as I was piling down the Kemmel Straight. It also hit me, and hurt quite a bit considering the screen took the brunt of it's energy. Anyhow, we've made a new clear screen and have added one for the passenger side also. Mainly as without it the wind tries to tear off the passengers helmet at speed. This should fix that.

Finally there's the Daytime Running Lights (fairy lights). We're not the easiest thing to see and we've had our wrists slapped for driving around with the main lights on, mainly as it's like turning on the Sun. DRLs seemed to be the perfect solution. Especially now we've de-advertised it even more. It's looking nicely sinister now.

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