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Colin took it sprinting this weekend. I'm planning to have a go at this some time also, but this weekend I needed to sort out the Westfield for the Nurburgring and I have a Anglesey trackday in the Porker this Friday so really couldn't justify it. Anyhow, Kudos to Colin, he took probably the worlds most unsuitable sprint car in the form of an endurance racer on old hard slicks, and brought home a 2nd quickest time of the day (fastest was a Jedi on hillclimb slicks) and the award for best novice! I'll post up more info when I get it.

While he was over there Colin took the car to Nigel at AVO to get it corner weighted / flat floored. Considering it's such a big car it still comes in at 633kgs including 25ltrs of fuel. Which I find massively impressive. For stats junkies that's 411bhp/ton as car manufacturers tend to measure it. Or more realistically, with fuel and a 85kg driver 348bhp/ton.

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